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Marissa Hansen / Billing Specialist “Billing Wizard”

Billing Specialist, Billing Wizard

Marissa only came to Stahl Optical, in what seems like years ago, but in reality it was September of 2020. She is a friend of Niki's and heard about the position opening, so decided to give it a try. Marissa is an independent young female who coached track and field at East Valley Middle School. She was a high-jumper herself and now trains the next generation! Marissa has a Bachelors in Health and Fitness from Eastern, so she knows exactly how to whip this place into shape! She also has many years experience with high-quality customer care, high-standard of service, and a HUGE heart! Marissa is in a long term relationship with her beautiful golden retriever, Sam, and also has a nice man she keeps around. As an athlete, she loves all sports, but really enjoys her some NFL, GO HAWKS! Lastly, Marissa, Niki, and their respective clans, love to get out and '"comfort camp'" as often as they can. With Marissa coming on board, the Stahl family finally feel complete!