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Smith Optics Elite

Smith Optics EliteSmith Optics Elite has set the standards for high performance eyewear and goggles, making it the choice for action-sport athletes worldwide. Smith Optics uses the military’s Human Systems Integration (HSI) process which factors human variables such as fit, optical performance, ballistic performance, integrated equipment and weapons interface into the design process to create a highly functional product across a wide spectrum of elements.

Devoted to excellence, innovation and style, Smith designs eyewear specifically to optimize performance allowing real-world testing to drive the product’s evolution…and keep people looking stylish while doing it. Smith products are researched and tested by a dedicated group of employees and well known athletes that live and breathe the lifestyle, resulting in authentic sports gear that is made to work.

With a number of innovative patents and using the most advanced technology, Smith creates an integrated product that puts emphasis on performance of the highest standard. Design takes place from input from the lab and the field and performance is then measured to ensure the highest quality. Today, Smith Optics has become synonymous with innovative, durable, top-quality products in the eyewear and goggle market.